Videos: Arts Legacy Impact

Minnesota voters passed the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment in 2008, creating dedicated funding for the ats. On the 10th anniversary watch the latest videos on what has been the impact of Legacy investments around the state. All of these videos were created and produced by AMS Digital. AMS creates websites and produces videos for business and nonprofit organizations. You can learn more about AMS at:

Arts Give Back - Detroit Lakes (2019)

Arts Give Back - Minneapolis (2019)

Arts Give Back - Brainerd Lakes Area (2019)

Arts Give Back - Hopkins (2019)

Arts Give Back - Bloomington (2019)

Arts Give Back - Legacy Impact

Arts Give Back - Battle Lake (2019)

What impact can the arts have on small towns in Minnesota?  See the amazing difference in Battle Lake, Minnesota. The 10 year impact of the Legacy Amendment has beautified and revitalized their downtown, encouraging more local business and street vitality.

Arts Give Back - Moorhead (2019)

How do the arts contribute to the vitality of a city and quality of life? See how Moorhead, Minnesota has energized and beautified their fair city with 10 years of the Legacy Amendment. Featuring Mayor Del Rae Williams.

Arts Give Back - Douglas County (2019)

How does a county bring people of all ages together and create a great place to live, work and play? See how 10 years of the Legacy Amendment has impacted the residents of Douglas County. Featuring Chamber member Tara Bitzan.

Arts Give Back - College for Kids & Teens (2019)

In celebration of 10 years of Legacy Arts funding, Lake Region Arts Council (LRAC) received feedback from the Director of College for Kids and Teens. The letter shared how the program positively impacted families and inspired students.

Arts Give Back - Creative MN