Arts in Alexandria pack a $3.1 million punch, according to new study

8/20/20 Echo Press by Al Edenloff

The arts are defined as “the expression of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.”
They also pack an economic punch. In Alexandria, the economic impact of the arts adds up to $3.1 million annually, according to a new study by Creative Minnesota and eight other state and local art organizations…READ MORE

Arts Economy – Sheila Smith

4/17/2019  WTIP Community Radio

North Shore Morning host, Shawna Willis talks with Minnesota Citizens for the Arts Executive Director, Sheila Smith about the effects the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment has had on the local, regional and state economies since its passage ten years ago. READ MORE

Arts Improve Economic, Social & Cultural Health: The Creative MN 2019 Report

3/20/2019 KAXE/KBXE

The 2019 Creative MN report is a comprehensive assessment of the impacts the arts sector has on the economic, social, and cultural health of the state of Minnesota.  In this segment of Area Voices, Sheila Smith, Executive Director of MN Citizens for the Arts, explains how data was collected….. READ MORE

Study reveals local economic impact of arts and culture

3/20/2019 Park Rapids Enterprise

According to the latest study, the annual economic impact of non-profit arts and culture organizations in north-central Minnesota is more than $13.9 million and continues to grow. READ MORE

Arts provide economic, aesthetic boost to NE Minnesota

3/12/2019 Minnesota Brown

Last year I wrote about the economic impact of the arts in Northern Minnesota’s Iron Range region. READ MORE

Increase income, cut expenses are the art center’s goals for 2019

3/6/2019 Hutchinson Leader

If you’re curious what the top three creative jobs are in Hutchinson, I can tell you: photography, music and writing. It’s one of the many facts that were revealed during the Hutchinson Center for the Arts annual meeting on Thursday. READ MORE

Pillars add to ‘Much in Hutch’

2/22/2019 Hutchinson Leader

If there are two things Hutchinson is well-known for, it’s parks and arts. In many cases, the two may be experienced at the same time with wonderful offerings such as the Sculpture Stroll — which showcases permanent and rotating exhibits throughout the city — Music in the Park, RiverSong and much more. READ MORE

Weber pledges support for art funding

2/20/2019 The Worthington Globe


The Southwest Minnesota Arts Council, Minnesota Citizens for the Arts and Memorial Auditorium Performing Arts Center hosted an “Advocate for the Arts” Friday evening to garner support for arts funding in southwest Minnesota. READ MORE

Community Choir Celebrating Life of MLK Friday

2/14/2019 WJON

ST. JOSEPH —  A choir made up of our central Minnesota community and a small group of professional musicians will be celebrating the life of Martin Luther King Jr. through song Friday. READ MORE

Arts In The News

2/6/2019 Hutchinson Leader

The Southwest Minnesota Arts Council awarded $93,486 to local organizations for Art Project grants. READ MORE

Head of the Class

1/16/2019 SouthwestJournal

As CEO of Minneapolis, Mayor Jacob Frey technically heads up our city’s Creative Class. Now beginning the second year of his term, Frey’s youth, vitality, fitness and prowess as a marathoner are legendary and obvious — reflected in his trim, upright bearing. READ MORE

Chris Farrell’s ‘Conversation on the Creative Economy’ with TU Dance

1/1/2019   MPR NEWS

Chris Farrell’s Conversation on the Creative Economy series features Toni Pierce-Sands and Uri Sands, the founders of TU Dance Company. LISTEN TO STORY

Reflecting on 2018 and the arts affect on Austin

12/29/2018 Austin Daily Herald

As 2018 comes to an end, I’m pondering — how do you measure a year? READ MORE

Get your groove on with ArtRocks

11/10/2018  Austin Daily Herald

ArtRocks Open Jam provides a free venue for musicians to meet and play. Eight times a year, a house band sets up in the ArtWorks Center Second Floor Gallery. READ MORE


6/18/2018 KVSC

In today’s Untold Story of Central Minnesota, Arts & Cultural Heritage Producer Jeff Carmack attends a panel discussion about the significant impact of Legacy Amendment’s Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund on communities throughout Minnesota. LISTEN TO PANEL

Arts are key to economic revival

5/25/2019 Watertown Public Opinion
Small towns across the United States are dying slowly as people migrate to larger cities, but Minnesota has a formula to reverse that trend. READ MORE

Making a local economic impact

5/19/2019 Austin Daily Herald

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Whether the quote originated from Peter Drucker or William Thomson (Lord Kelvin), it holds true even in the arts. READ MORE 

10 years later, Minnesota’s Legacy Amendment fueling small town arts

5/19/2019 Star Tribune

A review of Legacy Arts Funding at its 10 year anniversary. READ MORE

EDITORIAL: Capitalizing on city’s arts, culture

4/25/2018 Hutchinson Leader

We always knew Hutchinson was an “artsy” town. Now there are statistics to back it up. A new report from Minnesota Citizens for the Arts shows 15 of our community’s arts organizations offer activities that annually draw about 62,000 people. That participation….READ MORE

The Artist Life in MSP

4/24/2018, Deep North

Artist density in Minnesota is 150% greater than the national average, Minnesota is second to only New York City in theatre employment, and Minnesotans lay claim to icons like Bob Dylan, The Replacements, and Rhyme sayers record label….LISTEN TO PODCAST

Blake & Co. set to perform

By Judy Bryan, 4/23/2018 Fairmont Sentinel

If you’re looking for talented people to do a fundraising show, sometimes you don’t have to look any farther than your own house. This is particularly true if your “house” is the Fairmont Opera House. During a recent brainstorming session….READ MORE

Arts impact Hutchinson to the tune of $2.2 million

By Kay Johnson, 4/23/2018. Hutchinson Leader

The city of Hutchinson invests $30,000 a year in the arts — $15,000 goes to the Public Arts Commission and $15,000 goes to the Hutchinson Center for the Arts. The money helps attract new audiences, supports marketing….READ MORE

The arts have a multi-million dollar impact on Hopkins economy

By Sabina Badola, 4/18/2018, HometownSource

The arts have a multi-million dollar impact on Hopkins’ local economy, according to a newly released study by Creative Minnesota. The study quantifies the impact of the nonprofit arts sector in 15 communities…READ MORE.

The 8s of Detroit Lakes

By Marie Johnson, 4/12/2018, Detroit Lakes Online

Tourism is big business in Detroit Lakes, where hundreds of thousands of visitors pump millions of dollars into the local economy every year. Cleone Stewart, the tourism director for the Detroit Lakes Regional Chamber READ MORE

Performing arts center question connects history, new economic study

By Renee Richardson, 4/9/2018, Brainerd Dispatch

Nearly 30 years ago to the day in April, Brainerd residents were doing something quite similar to their 2018 counterparts—considering whether to add an auditorium to the high school. The vote that spring in 1988 would be a squeaker with drama. Beyond a nail-biter for a close vote, there were defective ballots…READ MORE

Creative Minnesota Report for Big Stone County

By Vicki Oakes, 3/29/2018,

Sheila Smith (Executive Director of Minnesota Citizens for the Arts and Chair, Creative Minnesota) presented the Big Stone County Report on March 22nd at the Ortonville Community Center. Creative Minnesota, Minnesota Citizens for the Arts….READ MORE

New Studies Show Art Plays Large Impact on the Economy

By Lauren Leigh, 3/29/2018, Fox 21 Local News
CHISHOLM, Minn.- Artists on the Iron Range are banning together tapping into their creativity as a community. Art comes in all forms from paintings to plays, but artists on the Iron Range are discussing..READ MORE

Emerging arts economy offers nearly $1 million impact in Renville County

By Tom Cherveny, 3/26/2018, West Central Tribune

An arts economy is taking root in Renville County, a new study suggests, and there are plenty of people who want to see it grow. A newly released study by Creative Minnesota tallied…READ MORE

New study looks at impact of arts and culture in Hastings

By Michelle Wirth, 3/12/2018, Hastings Star Gazette

What role does the arts play in the Hastings community? The Hastings Prescott Area Arts Council contributed $1,500 for a study with Creative Minnesota that would answer…READ MORE

New study reveals significant impact of arts and culture on Becker County economy

By Vicki Gerdes, 3/7/2018, DL-Online

Arts and culture activities have a significant economic impact on Becker County and its residents, according to a new collaborative study released just last week by Creative Minnesota. A joint effort of the Minnesota Citizens for the Arts (MCA), Lake Region…READ MORE

Arts thriving in Eagan

By Andy Rogers, 3/1/2018, SUN Thisweek

Artists generally don’t pursue their craft solely because it’s lucrative. The idea of a starving artist is often based in reality. But, the economic benefits that drive an artistic community can often be understated, according to a Creative Minnesota impact study released earlier this week. During a community presentation sponsored by the Creative Eagan…READ MORE


2/25/2018, Herald Review

The Iron Range ranks first in economic impact from audience and organization spending in the arts, generating more than $12 million in annual economic impact for the region according to a recent study published….READ MORE.

Northwest Minnesota Arts Council


Sheila Smith, Executive Director of Minnesota Citizens for the Arts and the Chair of Creative Minnesota, filled Ron West in about Arts Advocacy Day, Creative Minnesota and the upcoming Arts Expo that will take place in Thief River Falls. Listen to their chat below! Listen to the interview.

$20 million arts impact on SW Minn. economy

By Jen Burris, 2/16/2018, Pipestone County STAR

The arts in southwest Minnesota have nearly a $20 million economic impact on the area based on a recently released study. “Creative Minnesota: The Impact of Minnesota’s artists, creative workers and nonprofit arts and culture organizations,” collected data….READ MORE

Economic Development Summit scheduled for Friday, March 3

By Kaysey Price, 2/15/2018, DL Online

Another year, another dollar, another Economic Development Summit hosted by the Detroit Lakes Chamber of Commerce at M State in Detroit Lakes. “The idea is to look at the economic impacts for the area,” said Chamber of Commerce President Carrie Johnston…READ MORE

Study says arts and culture have significant economic impact

By Tyler Jensen, 2/11/2018, Morrison County Record

A new study by Creative Minnesota says that across the state and in Morrison County specifically, art, history and culture have a positive economic impact. The study, which was unveiled during a presentation at the Little Falls City Hall….READ MORE


By Aaron Brown, 2/11/2018, Hibbing Daily Tribune

When you hear the word “arts,” or especially its fancier cousin, “THE arts” we tend to think of snobs sniffing wine in front of a large drab painting. When I think about it, however, the word conjures a string of memories. Acting in my first play during 9th Grade at the Cherry School. The time I saw…READ MORE

Art Sector Economic Impact Study Reveals Large Numbers in Morrison County

Sarah Winkelmann, 2/7/2018, Lakeland PBS

Study: Arts impact Range economy Nearly $27 million combined in 2017

By Marshall Helmberger, 2/8/2018, The Timberjay
REGIONAL— The arts and culture don’t just enliven communities on the Iron Range, they provide a substantial economic impact as well. That is the finding of a new study commissioned by Minnesota Citizens for the Arts, which concludes that arts and cultural organizations and their activities on the Range generate a total….READ MORE

Art as Economic Engine: National Nonprofit Helps Make Strong Local Cases

By Jeannie Fox, 2/5/2018 Nonprofit Quarterly
While many of us identify the role of art as a means for social change or as a deliverer of cultural services, we don’t often think of the arts in terms of economic impact. An effort, led nationally by Americans for the Arts and played out locally….READ MORE

$11M Annex project an investment in us all

By 2/3/2018, Austin Daily Herald
Consider this enthusiastic kudos for the $11 million renovation and construction plans for the Austin High School Annex.The Hormel Foundation, MacPhail Center for Music and Austin Public Schools are partnering on this project. We want to thank everyone who has contributed to developing…READ MORE

PRLAAC Column: Art is for everyone

By Marie Nordberg, Park Rapids Enterprise

When you hear the word “arts,” what comes to mind? If you answered “opera,” “theater” or “art museums,” you are correct. But art covers a host of other activities: telling stories to your children, singing in a choir, playing an instrument in a band, quilting, performing in a school play…Read More.

Creative MN study: Arts have $2 million impact on Rock County

By Julie Buntjer, The Globe, 1/20/2018

LUVERNE — Artists and nonprofit arts and culture organizations in 2016 generated nearly $20 million in the 18 counties that comprise the Southwest Minnesota Arts Council, according to a study….Read More.

Study Ranks Moorhead High in Arts Achievement

By WDAY News, 1/10/2018

Minnesota is being called an ‘epicenter for creative minds”. Creative Minnesota lists 41 different occupations under the title of “artist.” According to its research…Read More

Local Study Reveals Economic Impact of Arts

By Shannon Geisen, Park Rapids Enterprise, 1/6/2018

Creative Minnesota, Minnesota Citizens for the Arts and the Park Rapids Lakes Area Arts Council released a new study Wednesday indicating that the arts have a large impact…Read More

Study Reveals Hubbard County Arts Makes Million Dollar Impact

By Shirelle Moore, Lakeland PBS, 1/4/2018

The arts are making a million dollar impact in Hubbard County. That’s according to a study that was just completed by Creative Minnesota. READ MORE

Our View: Vibrant arts scene can grow small towns

Rochester Post Bulletin, 9/18/2017 (Using stats from Creative MN Study)

Small towns can be laboratories for the arts, and the art that’s made can become transformational for the community. Fergus Falls, a town of 13,500 people on the edge, READ MORE

Clay County’s Non-Profit Art Playing a Leading Role in Contributing to Minnesota’s Economy

By Nick Broadway, KVRR Local News, 7/12/2017
Regional groups found out non-profit art contributes billions of dollars to Minnesota’s economy. With Moorhead being a big hub for art, they say the Clay County region…READ MORE

Arts and culture boost North Dakota, Minnesota economies, studies show

By Katelyn Kasella, WDAY6 ABC, 7/11/2017

The nonprofit arts and culture industry in eight northwest Minnesota counties, including Clay County, generates over $22 million in economic activity annually, according to the 2017 Creative Minnesota report..READ MORE

8 Ways the Arts Can Boost Your Local Economy

By Paul Konz, 6/9/2017, National League of Cities

The arts and culture sector is often looked at through a very narrow lens. Theatre productions, museum exhibitions and symphony orchestras typically comprise the average person’s concept of the arts. What’s more, the arts…READ MORE!

For Art’s Sake: What the average Minnesotan stands to lose if NEA funding is cut

By Susannah Schouweiler, The Growler, 5/31/2017

If your kids got to see “The Sneetches” at the Children’s Theatre through a field trip at school, you’ve reaped the benefits of public funding for arts and culture. If you’ve ever taken….READ MORE

Creative Minnesota: Another Story of MN Exceptionalism

By Sheila Smith, Minnpost, 5/15/2017

A recent report from Creative Minnesota highlights the positive impact being made here by artists and creative workers. The study found that every region of the state has a robust arts economy, from the prairies of southwest Minnesota to the busy….READ MORE

What Creative Minnesota 2017 Found Out about Minnesota’s Theater Sector

Blog by Sheila Smith, Minnesota Playlist, 5/23/2017

If you didn’t know it already, Minnesota has a special relationship with theater. The recent Creative Minnesota study has a lot of interesting angles about the arts in Minnesota, and you can find a number of surprising (maybe not so surprising?) things…READ MORE

2017 Creative Minnesota Report about North Central Minnesota To be Released at Presentation

Red Lake Nation News, 4/29/2017

SAINT PAUL, MN: A new study on the health and impact of the nonprofit arts and culture sector in North Central Minnesota will be released at 1:30 PM on April 29, 2017, by Creative Minnesota,…READ MORE

Study reveals local economic impact of arts and culture

By Shannon Geisen, Park Rapids Enterprise, 4/26/2017

According to a new study, the annual economic impact of non-profit arts and culture organizations in north-central Minnesota is nearly $11 million…READ MORE

Region’s Economy: Report reveals artists’ impact per capita is $151.08 annually

By Edie Schmierbach, Mankato Free Press, 3/30/2017

Glance at the weekly entertainment and exhibits calendars in The Free Press and you’ll realize the number of residents with creative abilities exceeds typical expectations….READ MORE


By Jan Carey, Hibbing Daily Tribune, 3/29/2017

Recently, Minnesota Citizens for the Arts released the 2017 Creative MN Study. This study found that the annual economic impact of artists and nonprofit arts and culture organizations in the Arrowhead Region is over $83 million….READ MORE

Four questions with Sheila Smith of Minnesota Citizens for the Arts

By Pamela Espeland, MINNPOST, 2/28/2017

If you’re reading this before 2 p.m. today (Tuesday, Feb. 28), some 800 Minnesotans from all parts of the state are at the newly renovated Capitol right now, talking with their legislators about the arts. It’s Arts Advocacy Day,…READ MORE


By Derek Lee Miller, Minnesota Playlist, 2/28/2017

By the time this article goes to print, I will be over in St. Paul at the capitol building meeting with some of my elected representatives. I will be doing my small part on this Arts Advocacy Day to tell the state legislators that the arts are important and worthy…READ MORE

The Arts are a Gift to Austin

By Laura Helle, Austin Daily Herald, 12/25/16 (Using Creative MN Stats)

Merry Christmas, Austin! The Austin Area Commission for the Arts wrapped up a gift for you. It’s sitting under the tree. What is inside? The arts-— a gift that improves Austin’s economy, property values…READ MORE

‘There’s a Lot Going On’

By Brian Todd, Rochester Post Bulletin, 10/27/2016

At the eighth annual Goodhue County EDA Summit, about 60 to 70 area leaders in economic development and the arts listened to a pair of speakers discuss one problem on the horizon and one solution for communities….READ MORE

Cultivating Creative Economies

By Sheila Smith, Wisconsin Academy of Sciences Arts & Letters, 10/17/2016

How can changing the conversation about the ways in which creativity drives local and statewide economies help create a better quality of life in Wisconsin? At this September 20, 2016, Academy Talk, Sheila M. Smith…READ MORE

Arts’ economic impact greater in Minnesota than its neighbors

By Kristin Tillotson, Star Tribune, 12/1/15

Minnesota has long justifiably claimed bragging rights for its robust arts and culture offerings. Now the most comprehensive group of studies conducted… Read More


An ‘arts ecosystem’ in Winona: Marine art museum, Shakespeare festival among attractions fueling a creative boom

By Greg Aamot, MINNPOST, 11/25/15

On a recent November afternoon, Andrew Maus, the executive director of the Minnesota Marine Art Museum here, led a visitor through the museum’s contemporary gallery, which displayed the water-themed paintings… Read More

Upcoming report finds racial disparities in city’s creative sectors

By Carter Jones, Minnesota Daily, 11/5/2015

An initial analysis of arts and culture in Minneapolis has found racial disparities among the city’s creative sectors…READ MORE